Benefits of leasing

We are one of Scotland’s and the UK’s leading epos suppliers, with over 20 years’ experience and installations nationwide. Based in Glasgow, we offer a wide range of epos solutions to the hospitality sector, adapted to the needs of modern business requiring high levels of analysis, control and live reporting.

Secure your equipment promptly

Opting for leasing enables you to acquire the necessary equipment without waiting for your budget to align. Commence using the equipment promptly and spread the fixed payment over time.

Clear-cut and consistent

Equipment leasing offers a straightforward and secure solution. With a fixed cost over the lease duration, you can confidently plan your budget without concerns about unexpected interest rate changes.

Stay current

Equipment leasing grants you the flexibility to upgrade your system with ease. This ensures you stay current with the latest equipment without the burden of purchasing new items.

Optimise tax benefits

Leasing equipment allows you to offset 100% of the rentals against your tax liability. This maximises tax efficiency, resulting in savings on your overall tax expenses.

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We can build a customised solution specifically for you, or provide you with a market leading product for a fixed monthly cost to your business.