EPoS for hotels

Whether you are running a 5-star hotel, boutique B&B or a holiday park, TouchPoint enables guests staying in your hotel to post their purchases at the bar or the restaurant to your existing hotel system.

Guests checking into hotel

Hotel bars and restaurants

Enable your customers to place an order and pay from their room, table or seat, with their personal device by ByTable, the order-to-table solution. Keep your customers and staff safe by minimising contact.
Lady checking into hotel with pull along suitcase

Reception check-ins

ICRTouch software seamlessly integrates with various property management systems, fostering data sharing among hotels and other accommodation facilities. It simplifies the allocation of bar and restaurant sales to guest rooms, resulting in a streamlined and efficient checkout and payment process.

Hotel payments

Enhance your customer experience and optimise your payment process by adopting an integrated payment gateway solution. ICRTouch’s comprehensive software ecosystem, encompassing TouchPoint, TouchTakeaway, and ByTable, seamlessly integrates with top-tier card payment providers, guaranteeing swift, reliable, and secure transactions on every occasion.

Person making payment at hotel reception

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FOH / Kitchen Features

Management Features

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