Interactive kitchen management display

TouchKitchen from ICRTouch transforms the way food orders are processed. From starters through to dessert, customer orders are organised on a kitchen screen for easy ticket management.

Never miss orders

No Missed Orders

With TouchKitchen, orders can’t be misplaced and they can be recalled even after they’ve been cleared.

Set Timers

Cook timers let the chef know what is next. Utilise one-shot timers or reset timers on individual tickets.

Cook Summary

TouchKitchen not only provides information ticket by ticket, but it can also show the chef a summary of everything that is on the list to cook.

Faster Turnaround

Urgent orders can be received with favourable timers to get them through quickly.

Organise Courses
Orders can be shelved between courses and cleared when the entire meal is completed.

Chef using TouchKitchen to manage orders at the pass
Takeaway van using TouchKitchen to regulate orders

Order Ready Notification

Link with digital signage to alert customers that an order is ready, or a ticket can be printed at the counter.

Never lose orders
Digital orders go straight through to the kitchen. No orders get dropped and no information gets lost or misinterpreted.

The benefits