Mobile stock management

Introducing TouchStock, the innovative handheld stock control software that streamlines your inventory management process. With TouchStock, you can easily manage stock by performing functions such as stock counting, barcode scanning, delivery verification, and label generation.

Seamless synchronisation with TouchOffice Web+ further enhances your efficiency, allowing you to create orders and keep stock quantities up to date seamlessly. Effortlessly managing data, TouchStock empowers you to conduct partial stock-takes at your convenience. Say goodbye to the need for extensive store checks; now you can focus on specific product lines with ease.

Hand-held stock control software.


Harness the capabilities of TouchStock to perform precise, rapid, and dependable delivery checks. Seamlessly connect TouchStock with TouchOffice Web to effortlessly update your stock levels.


As the day draws to a close, expedite the process by swiftly scanning an item and inputting the wastage quantity to promptly update your stock levels.

Quicker Stock Take

Leveraging TouchStock enables you to conduct swift and uncomplicated stock assessments with heightened precision, thereby liberating your staff's time and resources.

Simple operation

TouchStock scans everything, item-by-item. Count up what you have and key in the total, then connect TouchStock to TouchOffice Web+ for a no-effort tally on what’s been sold.

Person holding tablet with stock software

Syncs with TouchOffice Web+

Access real-time and past sales reports with ease. TouchOffice Web+ grants you comprehensive command over your business, regardless of your location or the time.

From inventory and personnel management to pricing and programming, TouchOffice Web+ empowers you with authority across all aspects. Stay informed about your stock quantities, effortlessly schedule and execute orders, and seamlessly monitor your inflows and outflows.

The benefits