EPoS for restaurants

Explore EPOS solutions designed to meet the specific demand of restaurant owners. Fast, reliable and easy to use, ICRTouch TouchPoint has been continuously developed to meet the high pace of the industry. Intelligent, versatile and customisable, the system is packed with a variety of features that fit your business, from handheld ordering for speed of service to kitchen screen display.

Handheld ordering

Take orders directly from the customer’s table with handheld digital ordering. Empower your staff to turn more tables, serve more efficiently and provide better service.
Woman at table in a cafe showing menu on phone

Order at Table App

Integration with the ByTable app allows customers to order and pay from an app. Orders go directly to the kitchen. Can also be used for delivery or collection.

Integrated EFT

Eliminate costly mistakes and enable faster service with an integrated card machine. Take payments from the customer’s side with Pay at Table.

The benefits