EPOS specialists based in Glasgow and Inverness, Alliance IPOS offers a complete range of EPOS solutions to the hospitality and retail sectors.

Aures ODP-333 Thermal Printer

Specially designed for point of sale and service applications, the ODP 333 by AURES is a thermal receipt printer which features a triple interface (including Ethernet) in a minimalist compact and cubic style, available in black or white.

Splash-proof cubic design

Ideal for hospitality, the front receipt print out ensures optimum protection against dust, crumbs and liquid splashes.

Energy efficient

Energy star certified, the automatic standby mode enables 30% less power use on average.

Minimalist & compact

The ODP 333 is available in black or white and perfectly complements any Aures POS terminal. This quiet thermal printer features a triple interface, including ethernet.

SNBC BTP-U80II Thermal Printer

The BTP-S80II from SNBC offers a compact and matte design making it an ideal choice for retail and hospitality applications. The 80mm thermal receipt printer features up and front paper exits, USB on board and high print speeds of up to 250mm per second.

High-speed, top feeding printer

Highly recommended for hospitality, the SNBC BTP-U80II is a low noise, high-speed thermal printer with a top feeding paper exit.

Easy to use

Designed for ease of use, the BTP-U80II has a drop and print paper loading mechanism. Paper receipts can be full cut or partially cut using the U80II.

Built-in buzzer

Ideal for kitchens or busy bar environments, the BTP-U80II has a built-in buzzer to alert staff to new orders. Can be easily wall mounted if required.

SNBC Orient R580II Thermal Printer

The BTP-R580ii from Orient SNBC is a low cost but high quality POS printer, which has a full spill-proof design and front paper exit. The BTP-R580ii is high speed and versatile and especially suited for the hospitality environment (bars, restaurants and kitchens).

Durable and spill-proof

With a spill proof design and front feeding paper exit, the SNBC BTP-R580II printer is ideal for the hospitality industry. It meets the IPX1 standard, meaning no liquids, dust or dirt can get trapped inside the printer.

Low noise, high-speed

The SNBC BTP-R580II high-speed thermal printer features an easy-to-use drop and print paper loading mechanism and low noise printing.

Neat, hidden cabling

This printer has an internal power supply reducing exposure of cables and maximising space. Energy efficient, this printer is a cost effective investment.

SNBC BTP-M300 Dot Matrix Printer

SNBC BTP-M300 Dot Matrix Kitchen Printer is a trusted and reliable option used commonly within the retail and hospitality industries. The BTP-M300 Dot Matrix Printer has a print speed of 400 dots/line and features an easy-to-use drop and print paper loading mechanism. The BTP-M300 Kitchen Printer is part of the SNBC BTP range of printers.

Ideal heavy-duty kitchen printer

Preferable in hot environments, orders from a dot matrix printer will remain clear and easy to read, unlike thermal printed checks which change colour when exposed to heat.

High speed & easy to use

The BTP-M300 can print 400 dots/line, supports multi-layer paper and features an easy-to-use drop and print paper loading mechanism.

Adjustable buzzer volume

With an internal power supply, the BTP-M300 keeps cables to a minimum. An adjustable high volume buzzer ensures no orders get missed.

Sam4s Receipt Printers

sam4s receipt printers offer an outstanding value and speed for the retail and hospitality.

ELLIX30 is a receipt printer with powerful performance and reliable system structure. ELLIX30III/32 has powerful printing capabilities and various additional functions.

GIANT PRO is using NFC Function enabling users to connect between Smart Phone and GIANT PRO. This will enhance usability of GIANT PRO with the help of Application, providing a variety of functions. Also,GIANT PRO supports various solution development with the use of NFC.

GIANT-100 is the new 3″ thermal receipt printer. Distinctive in its very small size, it performs equal to or better than competing 3″printers. GIANT-100 is a signpost model, pointing the direction to which receipt printers will evolve in the future.

Gcube is the smallest receipt printer in the world. It can be set to 180 or 203 dpi in one printer. Fast speed printing up to 250mm/sec.