EPoS for Nightclubs

Within a nightclub setting, the speed at which service is delivered plays a crucial role, and the entire ICRTouch EPoS ecosystem has been fine-tuned to ensure that beverages keep pouring and both your staff and patrons remain satisfied.

With the goal of enabling you to sell your entire range of products with minimal keystrokes, the user-friendly touch screens, free from unnecessary clutter, offer the option of image buttons. These image buttons serve to further expedite your operational procedures, enhancing efficiency.

Keeping up with cocktails

When it comes to selling cocktails, TouchPoint, our premier point of sale software, offers a valuable feature. It empowers your staff by providing step-by-step guidance in crafting every cocktail, ensuring that even newcomers can prepare each drink to perfection.

Whether the order is for a classic PiƱa Colada or an exotic Purple Dragon, TouchPoint supplies a comprehensive package. This includes a detailed ingredient list, precise volume specifications, clear instructions, and visual aids, assisting your staff in successfully completing the entire cocktail-making process from beginning to end.

Business management at your fingertips

You can effortlessly reach TouchOffice Web from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device, allowing you to review reservations, place stock orders, adjust pricing, or generate reports for accounting purposes, even when you’re away from your main location.

Furthermore, it seamlessly connects with accounting software packages such as Sage50, Quickbooks, and Xero, facilitating a fully digital tax process, reducing administrative time, and minimising the potential for manual entry errors.

The benefits