EPoS for takeaways

Explore ICRTouch EPOS solutions to put yourself in pole position and get an edge on your competitors. TouchPoint has more features and flexibility than ever, giving you a till system that is invaluable to your business. Fast and intuitive, with prompts to increase sales, loyalty as standard, kitchen screen display for streamline operations as well as kiosk self-service ordering.

Kitchen Screens

Digital screens display order information on clear and legible tickets. Kitchen staff have complete control including the ability to view, sort or peg meal orders, and set preparation timers to ensure nothing is forgotten and meals go out on time.

Takeaway van using TouchKitchen to regulate orders
Person holding phone showing screen with menu on

App & Web Ordering

Integration with TouchTakeaway allows customers to order and pay online. Orders go directly to the kitchen. Can be used for delivery and collection.

Self-Ordering Kiosks

Customers can independently use the interactive touchscreen menu to place their order and pay in-store without the assistance of staff. Self Service can be used on kiosks, table-mounted pads or drive through screens.

The benefits