EPoS for venues & events

Explore ICRTouch EPOS solutions for high volumes sales in stadium areas, cinemas and theatres. With TouchPoint increase customer satisfaction with mobile ordering to decrease queues, pre-order and interval printing to manage those crucial time slots and help maximise revenue. And of course, flexible self ordering kiosks integrated with card payment facilities will deliver a winning combination!

Self-ordering kiosks

Customers can independently use the interactive touchscreen menu to place their order and pay in-store without the assistance of staff. Self Service can be used on kiosks, table-mounted pads or drive through screens.

Handheld ordering

Take orders seamlessly from table, straight to the kitchen and bar, providing a quick and efficient service to the customer.

Order at table app

Integration with the ByTable app allows customers to order and pay from an app. Orders go directly to the kitchen. Can also be used for delivery or collection.

The benefits